Friday, June 30, 2017



Wild Boys was one of those songs that always made me feel creeped out. It was the primal yells and the bongs & dongs in the intro that set the feeling. Then the lyrics started. As a young boy at the time it was easy to picture myself as a lost boy. I must have just watched the Mad Max movie, b/c I always picture these Lost Boys as dirty, rag wearing, hermit like kids who live in the desert and drive modified dune buggies that kick up huge dust clouds behind them.

Apparently though, the wild boys of Duran Duran made the teen girls of the day feel the exact opposite. The story is told through the humour of memes:

I think a lot of people blame Duran Duran for the world's problems...not me.

I'd say, "Blondie" or Boy George.

Cute button babe.

Is this a requirement that some ladies look for on online dating sites?

You go girl! (80s girl!)

Oh Moms.

Mine is more like 70.5%

All big hair moments remind me of Duran Duran too!

I'm thinking about tuning into

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