Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Or hauling oats as I call them...what? Common mistake.

I shouldn't joke, these guys are awesome. They are one of the top selling duos of all time with 40 or 50 million albums sold. They have chart toppers like Rich Girl, Man Eater, I Can't Go For That, Private Eyes, Kiss is on my list, Out...of...touch...and I'm out of breath!

Even though they are wicked cool song writers (even Hipsters like them!) they have a hilarious catalogue of bad photos...that just invite memes.



To me, John Oates and Tom Selleck are those classic 80s moustache guys - the connection there, at least for me, is Three Men and a Baby! Remember that movie? Tom was in it, and so was the Hall & Oates song You Make My Dreams Come True. To stretch this connection further how about this meme?
Private investigator (aka Private 'I') Magnum PI is watching you?
I love explaining jokes.
If you follow NHL hockey you'll think this is a hoot - in the early 90s Brett Hull and Adam Oates played together, in other words, Hull & Oates!!!
Not sure who had the better hair Hall & Oates or Hull & Oates?

All 80s hair and moustache jokes aside, these guys are still playing together to this day. In fact, they are planning on touring with Tears for Fears this summer - warm up the ambulance eh?
Really, they still look pretty good. The only difference is that Hall now has facial hair and Oates' facial hair has moved down below his lip.

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