Wednesday, July 12, 2017



A mixed bag this time; everything from Billy Idol to Prince.

Friday, July 7, 2017



This week in 1984 Prince's song When Doves Cry was the #1 hit. Sometimes I like to think about the sound of doves crying...cooo cooo cooo

When Doves Cry

Another take on this would be involving Chuck Norris...

Friday, June 30, 2017



Wild Boys was one of those songs that always made me feel creeped out. It was the primal yells and the bongs & dongs in the intro that set the feeling. Then the lyrics started. As a young boy at the time it was easy to picture myself as a lost boy. I must have just watched the Mad Max movie, b/c I always picture these Lost Boys as dirty, rag wearing, hermit like kids who live in the desert and drive modified dune buggies that kick up huge dust clouds behind them.

Apparently though, the wild boys of Duran Duran made the teen girls of the day feel the exact opposite. The story is told through the humour of memes:

I think a lot of people blame Duran Duran for the world's problems...not me.

I'd say, "Blondie" or Boy George.

Cute button babe.

Is this a requirement that some ladies look for on online dating sites?

You go girl! (80s girl!)

Oh Moms.

Mine is more like 70.5%

All big hair moments remind me of Duran Duran too!

I'm thinking about tuning into

Monday, June 26, 2017



Tears for Fears ruled the airwaves of the mid 80s. Their iconic hits like SHOUT (Shout, Shout, Let it all out) and EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD are still in heavy rotation on the 'oldies' / 'classic rock' / '80s' radio stations.
But, to me, their best song was HEAD OVER HEELS. Funny, this song was from the same album, same time frame, did just as well on the charts as their other hits (#3 on the Billboard Top 100), but, somehow it seems to have been forgotten? 
I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is one of the best songs of the decade and the most overlooked song of the time. What do you think?

I do think these guys take a great photo, but, that is a debate for another day.

More like the look of fears in their tears

Fun Canadian Connection - The video for this song was filmed in Canada, Toronto to be exact!

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Internet radio has it's benefits

After years of listening to both internet radio and conventional airwave radio I can say, as a quasi expert, that internet radio wins. Why is internet radio better?

Less Talk More Music - You hear this claim all the time, that our radio station has less talk and plays more music? Wrong. DJ feel they need to earn their keep by filling time with their chatter. It's not always bad, but, if you are truly looking for more music and less talk than internet radio stations win, hands down, again!
Less Advertising - Conventional radio broadcasts waves of FM or AM through a big old antenna. This takes a lot of power - which costs money. Internet radio streams through the internet - which is a fraction of the cost. Less cost, less advertising needed.

A positive side effect of this cost difference is that smaller stations can be set up, stations with small audiences, stations like 80sthrowbackparty, that cater to niche music audiences. As a listener you can find an internet station that will cater to your music tastes are, no matter how obscure they are.
Internet radio allows you to personalize your listening experience. You are not just one of thousands, but, one of a few. Your requests carry more weight with your favourite internet station what they would with the local CJOK or WKRP.

Heard 'round the world by 35 people!

Internet stations are like local businesses - they are run with the heart, soul, and passion of one person. Support them and make someone's life that much better!

Spread the word to your fellow 80s music lovers and help keep the music playing on 80s Throwback Party -


Thursday, May 25, 2017



Billy Squire's (real name William Haislip Squier - quite the handle) '81 hit - THE STROKE - has some very suggestive lyrics. But, is that what Billy really meant when he wrote it?

Comb the lyrics with the bang-bang tempo of the song and it makes a great a good stripper song. It was used this way by Will Ferrel in Blades of Glory by his sex-symbol macho figure skater character.

But, according to Billy, the interpretation of the song as 'racy' is wrong. It is actually about how the record companies behave - they seduce artists, pay attention to them, stroke their ego long as records are flying off shelves and concerts are selling out and these mean old record companies are getting their share of the money.

Well, I admit, I was fooled. I never made the connection between stroke and the relationship between record companies and their artists. Good on Billy!

Apparently the label did not even want The Stroke on Billy's hit album - see what record execs really know!?

I know lots of other artists have the same view and express it through song. Smashing Pumpkins did this with their song Cherub Rock from their smash hit album Siamese Dream. To top it off, they put this song as track number one on the album. Were they trying to send a message?

Sunday, May 21, 2017



That early 80s hit I'm Still Standing by Sir Elton is hip with the kids again. The song is a highlight of the new movie SING, with a leather clad gorilla banging it out on a piano.

The circle has come around for me, as a parent. Hearing 'YOUR' music coming from their ghetto blaster, er, tablet/MP3 player know you are old!

Elton John is still standing today

I guess milk keeps your bones strong so you can keep standing
Elton still standing - even as a Siamese twin!

Thursday, May 18, 2017




The Cars are the band we used to listen to in the car - no pun intended. I remember the pile of tapes, I remember looking at the covers, I remember thinking what a great band name "The Cars"...and wondering what inspired the name? Boy, was I a stupid kid sometimes?
Get Your Copy!

We used to listen to the cassettes so often that I sometimes hear "Drive" or "Best Friend's Girl" on the radio and when it ends am expecting another Cars song to come on...just so used to hearing the same tracks in the 'right' order.
Get the BEST OF CD

To me, they really did great cover art. Those album covers are what remind me of the 80's...I know some of them came out in the 70s, but, I remember listening to them in the 80s, staring at the small cassette covers for hours while driving around, and just taking in the trebley guitar, the 80s sounding synthesizer, and the harmonious choruses. Aaah, new wave 80s music at it's finest.
Heartbeat City - A rare CD

You can still get it on Vinyl
I saw CANDY-O on display in a music store window the other VINYL! Vinyl is back - get in on Amazon - and the cover art is much better in LP size than cassette size, I'll tell you that. I never really noticed all the covers have cars in there somewhere - remember I was a stupid kid.
Ok, not all of the covers had cars...some of the singles didn't.
Hey, where is the car in this cover?


Monday, May 15, 2017



I had this moment the other day, but, in reverse. The 'Classic Rock' station was playing Green Day and Pearl Jam. Since when did those grungy pants bands become lumped in with late 70s soft rock like Fleetwood mac? I almost stopped the car, found a phone booth, and called the station to complain. But, then I realized there are no phone booths around anymore since everyone has a cell phone - except me.

Exactly. If you are not a fan of all 80s music (excluding Michael Bolton) then raise the bar a bit buddy! 

This drink sounds pretty generic - and probably tastes pretty bad too - but it does have a rockin' name! Let's drink to that ok?

I think I might save this quote for my gravestone. Either that or, "You're just not a pretty face".

Ever wonder if signs like this are real, legit, for realzies? First off, why would anyone wear their sunglasses at night unless they are a drug dealer. Second, what harm does it cause, other than drive by gang shooting mix ups (implying there are gangs that can be identified by sunglasses). Third, what if the sunglasses are prescription and you forgot your regular glasses at home and you just WANT TO SEE AT NIGHT?! Corey Hart had a good point, so take that you sign making civic minded bureaucratic over protectivizing metal wasting sign-pusher!

While wearing only sunglasses and a smile!

You know what else I sometimes wonder...are Tears for Fears photos real? I think some of them ended up on that awkward family photo website. Just take a look...

And, while you are pouring the sugar on me, could you get me a banana-rama?

Now that is what I call a banana-rama. Poor cashier, probably too young and unhip to really get the humour in this? I bet that job was one Cruel Summer (job).

What I love about the Jeopardy song by Greg Kihn Band, was, first this single album cover of a man getting zapped in the groin by a lighting bolt. It's like American's Funniest home videos gone bad.
But, I loved that this song inspired Weird Al Yankovic to write I Lost On Jeopardy...and, yes, I'll admit that I memorized the words to Weird Al and I didn't to Greg K Band.

Now, for some fashion advise...

I know what Joan Jett would do - not wear beige.

Then she wouldn't wear beige would she Keanu!?
That statement seems to be true. Joan Jett looks good in black leather and red. I think she might have been on to something in general. I think most people don't look good in beige, unless they are Michael Bolton fans....just kidding, kind of.

Thanks Bolton fans!
The other day I was thinking about walkmans. Actually, I ran across this old ad. Which I think is hilarious that with every cassette player purchase you were given a free U2 cassette.
I got to wondering if you can still buy brand new 'walkman's...

And, you can buy new walkmans. They are still cheap too. Here is link to the one pictured below. 

You can still buy walkmans!